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YAHALUBE 4T SEMI-SYNTHETIC 10W-40 is a high performance semi-synthetic motorcycle oil specially formulated and designed for all the latest YAMAHA 4-stroke motorbikes and superbikes. Formulated with premium unconvemtional base oil and the latest additive technology to absorb extreme pressures from heavy load and high speed applications to provide outstanding performance and excellent protection under all conditions.

- Outstanding ultra smooth gearshift and clutch performance

- Superior wear protection especially during cold crank start up

- Excellent engine cleanliness - protects against sludge and deposit formation

- Exceptional thermal stability to resist oil breakdown at t wide range of temperature



Additional Info

  • Name: YAMALUBE 4T 10W40 - Semi SYNTHETIC
  • Code: Yamalube Semi Syn 10W-40 1 Litre
  • Year: New
  • Condition: New
  • Price: RM 29.00
  • Description:


    YAMALUBE 4T 10W40 - Semi SYNTHETIC ( 1L )

    JASO T 903:2011


  • Specification:


    API SL


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