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Honda Africa Twin (Adventure Sports) - DCT

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An adventurous spirit is hard to contain.
The Africa Twin is not scared of the worst roads in the world. There’s nothing that can hold it back, or you for that matter. North, West, East or South, whichever horizon you point it at, this motorcycle is equipped to take you anywhere. How far you want you go with it, is entirely up to you.



This first installment is about the most unique feature on the Africa Twin, the DCT (dual clutch transmission)

What is a DCT transmission? The simplest explanation of this system is that the bike shifts automatically, just like an automatic car. But there are a lot of differences too. The clutch itself is actually two separate clutches that are oil-pressure actuated by two independent servos. Each clutch changes three gears – one clutch for 1, 3, and 5 and the other for 2, 4, and 6. That way one clutch is disengaging while the other is engaging making for seamless, almost imperceptible shifting. There are also four different “modes” that the DCT can be set to, depending on how aggressive you want to ride. D mode is for cruising around town or to maximize fuel economy and the bike upshifts very low in the rpm.


For example, just leaving the parking lot the bike in D mode the bike went click, click, click, click into fourth gear before hitting 30 mph. Then there are three S modes, each more aggressive then the last. Basically, the higher the S mode, the longer the bike holds a gear letting you reach higher in the revs before it shifts. Also, the higher the S mode, the more likely the bike will down shift (sometimes twice) when you whack open the throttle. There is no clutch lever or shift pedal on the DCT model, but it does have a left grip finger trigger and thumb button that lets you shift when you want to, even in any of the DCT modes. The finger trigger shifts up while the thumb button shifts down. Lastly there is a “manual” mode that lets you do all the shifting with the left grip buttons.


How does the DCT know when and how to shift? There are a few sources of input that goes into the system. Primarily, the ECU monitors engine rpm and throttle opening to decide when to shift and which direction. It also has a sensor that monitors the tilt of the bike so it knows if you are going up or down a hill. When climbing or decending, it will hold a gear longer for better torque(uphill) and more engine braking (downhill). Lastly it has a “G” mode where the clutch engagement is at its most aggressive – with the G mode off, according to Honda, it the shifts are a touch smoother, but you loose a hair of acceleration.


Additional Info

  • Name: Honda Africa Twin (Adventure Sports) - DCT
  • Code: CRF1000DL2
  • Manufacturing Year: 2018
  • Year: 2018
  • Condition: New
  • Price: RM 78,999.00
  • Description:
    90% LOAN
    Low Interest Rate
    **No motorcycle license**
    **No Guarantor**


  • Color:


    1. Grafik menarik seperti Tricolor yang menggabungkan warna putih, biru dan merah.

        Rim pula adalah unit aluminium berwarna emas.



  • Loan Charts:


    Express Loan Calculation:-


    D/P RM 8280.00

    84 Bln RM 1165.00
    72 Bln RM 1313.00
    60 Bln RM 1520.00
    48 Bln RM 1830.00
    36 Bln RM 2347.00
    24 Bln RM 3381.00

    D/P RM 15,720.00

    84 Bln RM 1049.00
    72 Bln RM 1182.00
    60 Bln RM 1368.00
    48 Bln RM 1647.00
    36 Bln RM 2112.00
    24 Bln RM 3043.00

    D/P RM 20,720.00

    84 Bln RM 971.00
    72 Bln RM 1094.00
    60 Bln RM 1266.00
    48 Bln RM 1524.00
    36 Bln RM 1955.00
    24 Bln RM 2816.00

    D/P RM 25,720.00

    84 Bln RM 892.00
    72 Bln RM 1005.00
    60 Bln RM 1164.00
    48 Bln RM 1401.00
    36 Bln RM 1797.00
    24 Bln RM 2589.00



    Document Yang diperlukan :–
    FAX :03-62576906/ E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Watapps: 017-4708895

    - IC
    - Slip Gaji - 3 Bulan TERKINI @ Bulan yang Lepas,
    - Bank Statement - 3 Bulan TERKINI @ Bulan yang Lepas,

    ***Terms AND Conditions apply***

    FREE items PERCUMA:-

    Free Fullface Helmet (Selected)
    Free Jacket (Selected)
    Free Hand Glove (Selected)
    Free Safety U-lock/disc lock
    Free Baju hujan
    Free Key Chain
    Free Geran Folder
    Free Road Tax Cover
    Free PA-RM 5000.00
    Free Petrol Voucher
    Lifetime Free Service



  • Specification:



    Engine Type 4-stroke 8-valve Parallel Twin with 270-deg. crank and unicam
    Displacement 998 cc
    Bore and Stroke 92 mm x 75.1 mm
    Cooling Liquid
    Compression Ratio 10.0:1
    Fuel System PGM-FI electronic fuel injection



    Transmission Six-speed constant mesh
    Final Drive O-ring-sealed chain



    Front Suspension Inverted telescopic fork with full adjustability; 226 mm (8.9 in.) travel
    Rear Suspension Pro-Link® single shock with full adjustability; 240 mm (9.4 in.) travel
    Front Brakes 310 mm dual wave floating hydraulic discs with aluminium hub and radial mounted 4-piston calipers
    Rear Brakes 256 mm wave hydraulic disc with 2-piston caliper with ABS. Rear ABS on/off switch
    Front Tire 90/90-R21 tube type
    Rear Tire 150/70-R18 tube type



    Wheelbase 1,580 mm (62.2 in.)
    Seat Height 900 mm / 920 mm (35.4 in. / 36.2 in.)
    Fuel Capacity 24.2 L
    Dry Weight Curb Weight: 242 kg (534 lb.)



    *Actual model may vary in detail from image shown and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.




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